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About Frances

She is a wife and a loving mother. She is also a member of the US Military. Frances enjoys encouraging others and watching them succeed. Threw out her life she has been threw many of life’s challenges. Threw her faith she has overcome them. She has always been a person to speak from the heart, and to share the message of hope and love for life.


She also loves writing as well as sewing, and creating varies types of arts and crafts.


You Were Created To Be Great

I want every reader to understand this one thing. You are only as great as you want to be. You are what you allow yourself to be. Let not failure or lies told stop you from doing what God has placed in your heart to do.


God has given me strength and power to achieve whatever goals set before me, and he can do it for you. So can you. In troubled times we all need encouraging words to build us up.


Get Inspiration and keys to living out your Goals.

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